The Race for Spot Ether ETFs- Hope and Uncertainty with Traders betting $2.4M

The world of cryptocurrency is pulsating with the possibility of a spot Ether exchange-traded fund (ETF) being approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission by May 2024. As the anticipated approval date approaches, here is a closer look at the current landscape of spot Ether ETF applications, the low approval odds predicted by analysts, and the ongoing speculation surrounding the SEC’s decision.

An Outbreak of Applications

Several investment firms, including Bitwise, Fidelity, VanEck, ARK 21Shares, and Grayscale, have filed applications with the SEC to launch spot Ether ETFs. These applications propose a financial product that would track the price of Ethereum.

The deadlines for these applications vary, with some decisions expected as early as May 2024 and others stretching into November.

A Market of Skepticism

Despite the flurry of applications, analysts and market observers are expressing low expectations for timely approval of these spot Ether ETFs. Bloomberg analysts estimate a meager 25% chance of approval by May, with the betting market on Polymarket reflecting a similar sentiment. A significant 81% of bets on the platform are positioned against approval before the first deadline.

This skepticism stems from several factors. Unlike Bitcoin, the regulatory status of Ethereum as a security remains unclear. The SEC has not yet provided definitive guidance on this issue, and this ambiguity creates a hurdle for ETF approvals. Additionally, some experts believe the SEC may be taking a more cautious approach towards Ethereum ETFs compared to Bitcoin ETFs.

Betting on the Future

The uncertain regulatory landscape surrounding spot Ether ETFs has led to a betting frenzy on platforms like Polymarket. Crypto enthusiasts have wagered over $2.4 million on the outcome of the SEC’s decision, with a clear majority betting against approval by May.

This betting activity reflects the high level of speculation and potential financial rewards associated with a positive SEC decision. Crypto traders can participate in prediction markets by buying yes or no tokens (or shares) on a specific outcome. The price of these tokens fluctuates based on supply and demand, reflecting the market’s sentiment about the likelihood of the event. The higher the price of a yes token, the less likely it is considered to be a winning bet, and vice versa.

Spot Ether ETF Applications (as of March 29, 2024)

Applicant Deadline
VanEck May 2024
ARK 21Shares May 2024
Hashdex May 2024
Grayscale Ethereum Futures Trust May 2024 (conversion deadline)
Invesco Galaxy July 2024
Fidelity August 2024
Franklin Templeton November 2024


While the overall outlook seems bleak, some industry leaders remain optimistic. Grayscale, a prominent crypto investment firm, believes the SEC may still approve spot Ether ETFs by May. They argue that the SEC’s lack of engagement with applicants does not necessarily indicate a negative decision. However, only time will tell if their optimism is justified.

Final Thoughts

The race for spot Ether ETFs is a blend of hope and uncertainty. While the potential benefits of these ETFs are undeniable, the regulatory hurdles and low approval odds make the future doubtful. As the May deadline approaches, all eyes are on the SEC for any signs that could tip the scales in favor of approval.

Maxwell Peterson

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