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Israeli-American Coalition for Action Lauds Governor for Signing Historic Anti-BDS Legislation

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Yesterday evening, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill to ensure that the state and its range of public agencies will not contract with businesses engaging in discriminatory boycotts against minority groups, including ones that undermine California’s relationship with Israel. “We applaud Governor Brown for signing this groundbreaking legislation,” said Shawn Evenhaim, Chairman…

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Millions of Voters to be Shut out of the 2016 Election

Restrictive laws in numerous states make it nearly impossible for felons to have their rights restored even years after completing their prison sentences. By Frank Kineavy Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D). REUTERS Nearly six million people will be barred from voting in elections this November due to having felony convictions on their records. Heavyweights in…

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Donald Trump’s appeal for Black votes

Trump: “What do you have to lose by trying something new”? African Americans should be wary about supporting Donald Trump for any public office because he does not have our best interest at heart. Public service means service to everyone you are elected to serve. In the case of Trump his constituency would be broken…

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The religious right had nothing to say about Donald Trump’s wife who posed nude on the cover of a magazine. When Michele Obama wore short pants she was critized harshly by the republicans. This proves the double standard and hypocritical stands they take when it comes to blacks. Michelle Obama Wearing Shorts First Lady Michelle…

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Facts About Obama’s Presidency Most People Don’t Know

Clifton Harris

Obama’s Presidency: The Facts People have many perceptions of how the US economy or the country as a whole has done in recent years. Depending on your political views, you may think the country is doing exceptionally well or is teetering on the verge of collapse. Listed below are fourteen objective facts, without interjected opinion,…

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The Legacy of Julian Bond

Julian Bond

There is an old African proverb that says “The spirit of a freedom warrior will never die in the enduring life of the village, yet that valued spirit will be passed on to future generations.” Julian Bond was a freedom fighter. He was a gallant leader-warrior for freedom, justice and equality. And his spirit will…

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