Is Pi Crypto Dead?

The cryptocurrency world is rife with speculation and rumors, especially concerning the viability and future of digital currencies. One such currency that has been the subject of much debate is Pi Network’s Pi cryptocurrency. So, is Pi crypto dead? Let’s delve into the facts to uncover the reality.

The Current State of Pi Network

Pi Network, a project that began with much fanfare, promised to bring cryptocurrency mining to the masses. The idea was simple yet revolutionary: allow users to mine cryptocurrency directly from their mobile devices without expensive hardware. But as time passed, questions arose about the project’s legitimacy and progress.

Recent Developments

As of my last update, Pi Network had not yet launched its mainnet, and the value of Pi coins remained speculative. However, recent data suggests that Pi Network has seen some activity:

  • Pi to INR:  The conversion rate of Pi Network (PI) to Indian Rupee (INR) is ₹3,239.67.
  • Market Activity:  In the last 24 hours, the total volume of Pi Network traded was ₹29,250,778.

These figures indicate that Pi Network is not entirely inactive. However, lacking a mainnet launch raises questions about the coin’s future and usability.

Analysis and Expert Opinions

  • Mixed Sentiments on Reddit:

▪︎ Discussions on platforms like Reddit reveal a diverse range of opinions.

Some users express frustration over the project’s slow progress, while others remain optimistic.

▪︎ It’s clear that the community is divided.

Pi’s Open Network Plan for 2024:

▪︎ Pi Network recently announced its intention to transition to the Open Network period of Mainnet in 2024, provided certain conditions are met2.

▪︎ These conditions include achieving critical mass in network KYC, migration, and utility creation.

▪︎ As of now, Pi has around 8 million KYC’ed Pioneers and approximately 40 real Pi apps that meet specific standards2.

The Verdict

Is Pi crypto dead? The answer is not straightforward. 

Signs of Life:

  1. Trading volume and interest persist, suggesting that Pi Network isn’t entirely dormant.
  2. The project continues to attract attention, albeit cautiously.Challenges Ahead:
  1. The lack of a functional mainnet remains a significant hurdle.
  2. Clear use cases for Pi coins are yet to emerge.

In conclusion, Pi Network is in a precarious position. While it’s not dead, it’s far from thriving. As we await further developments, keep an eye on Pi, it might surprise us yet.


Has Pi Network launched its mainnet? As of the latest information, Pi Network has not yet transitioned to an open mainnet.

Can Pi coins be traded on exchanges? Currently, Pi coins cannot be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges as they have no set value.

Is Pi still a thing? Despite having been launched in March 2019, the Pi Network’s PI coin is yet to be available on the open market. No date for the platform’s mainnet launch has yet been announced. PI is mined by pressing a button on a mobile phone app.

In conclusion, while Pi Network’s future remains uncertain, it is not accurate to declare it dead. The cryptocurrency community continues to watch closely, awaiting definitive answers and developments that will determine Pi’s fate.

Maxwell Peterson

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