Relai Integrates Blockstream Greenlight to Facilitate Users with Faster Bitcoin Transactions

Blockstream Greenlight, a Lightning-as-a-Service solution, is being integrated into the Relai Bitcoin wallet, enabling faster and cheaper Bitcoin transactions for its users. This partnership aims to enhance the user experience for Relai’s Bitcoin-only wallet by integrating Blockstream’s Greenlight solution. 

Integrating Lightning Network into Applications- Understanding the Bottleneck

Prior to Greenlight, incorporating LN functionality into applications required developers to:

  • Set up and maintain their own Lightning nodes- This involved a significant investment of time and resources, including:
    • Downloading and running complex node software.
    • Managing the node’s connection to the broader Lightning Network.
    • Handling various technical aspects like channel management and transaction routing.
  • Ensure security of user funds- This required strong security measures to protect user’s private keys, which are crucial for authorizing Bitcoin transactions.

These complexities posed a significant barrier to the widespread adoption of LN payments. Greenlight tackles these challenges head-on and offers a more accessible and efficient approach. 

Continue reading to learn what Greenlight is and the benefits it offers.

What is Greenlight?

Greenlight is a service offered by Blockstream that simplifies the process of integrating Lightning Network functionality into applications.

The Lightning Network is a layer built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that enables faster and cheaper Bitcoin transactions.

Key benefits of Greenlight:

  • Reduced complexity- Greenlight eliminates the need for developers to build and maintain their own complex Lightning Network infrastructure.
  • Security- Users retain complete control over their private keys, ensuring their funds remain secure.
  • Cost-effective– Greenlight offers a cost-effective solution for businesses to leverage the Lightning Network.

How does Greenlight work?

Greenlight operates by splitting a traditional Lightning node into two parts:

  • Signer- This software component resides on the user’s device and holds the private keys. It is responsible for signing transactions.
  • Node- This component runs on Blockstream’s infrastructure and handles the technical aspects of interacting with the Lightning Network.

Benefits of Greenlight for Relai Users:

Relai is a Bitcoin-only application designed for a simple and secure user experience. Here are the benefits that Greenlight offers to Relai users.

  • Faster transactions– By integrating Greenlight, Relai users gain the ability to send and receive Bitcoin transactions through the Lightning Network, significantly reducing transaction times and costs compared to traditional Bitcoin transactions.
  • Security- Importantly, even though Greenlight runs part of the node infrastructure, users retain complete control over their private keys, ensuring their funds remain secure.

A significant milestone for both companies

This collaboration implies a critical step for both Blockstream and Relai:

For Blockstream, Greenlight integration with Relai expands the reach of the Lightning Network and promotes its adoption. Meanwhile, for Relai, this integration enhances the functionality of their wallet, offering users a faster and more efficient way to transact with Bitcoin.

Final Thoughts

The collaboration between Blockstream and Relai paves the way for a more efficient and user-friendly experience for Relai’s Bitcoin users. Greenlight’s integration empowers users with the advantages of the Lightning Network while maintaining security through user control over private keys. This marks a significant step towards wider adoption of the Lightning Network and faster Bitcoin transactions.

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