Impact of a Trump Re-election on Bitcoin’s Value

The 2024 US presidential election might see Donald Trump back in the White House. If he wins, could really shake things up for financial markets, especially for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. A report from Standard Chartered suggests that if Trump gets elected again, it could be good for the crypto market because he might make rules that help it grow.

Trump’s Evolving View on Bitcoin

At first, Trump wasn’t a fan of Bitcoin. He even called it ‘a scam’ and was worried about its threat to the US dollar. But recently, he changed his tune. In an interview, he mentioned how Bitcoin is becoming more popular and starting to be used like real money. This is a big change in his opinion on cryptocurrency.

Regulatory Changes and Crypto

If Trump gets into power again, we could see big changes in regulations that would be friendly toward cryptocurrencies. This means there might be new opportunities and growth in the crypto market.

According to Standard Chartered

“We think that if Trump gets another term, it would mostly be good because the rules might be more laid back. This might mean easing up on some old rules and starting new ones like U.S. spot ETFs, which could make digital assets like Bitcoin more legit and easier to get.” Geoff Kendrick, Analyst.

Economic Context and Bitcoin’s Appeal

The report also talks about the bigger economic situations that could make Bitcoin look better as an investment,

  • Increased U.S. fiscal spending and debt, This might weaken the US dollar and position Bitcoin as a smart option to protect against dollar loss.
  • Inflation fears, As government spending goes up, so do worries about inflation. Bitcoin could act as a defense against losing buying power.
  • Uncertainty in U.S. Treasury markets, As trust drops, investors might turn to alternatives like Bitcoin. People use digital currencies like Bitcoin to keep their money safe.

Predictive Financial Insights

This report talks about how a Trump administration might make Bitcoin’s value go up. They think Bitcoin could reach $150,000 by the end of 2024 and hit $200,000 by the end of 2025. This jump is expected because of some changes in rules and economy stuff that might help out cryptocurrencies.

The Broader Impact on Digital Assets

If the government becomes more chill with its rules, it’s not just cool for Bitcoin. Other digital currencies and blockchain tech might get a boost too. Easier rules can lead to more people creating new stuff and putting money into these technologies, which means the whole market could grow.


With the 2024 election coming up, everyone in the crypto world is keeping an eye on what’s going down politically. If Donald Trump gets reelected, it could be a big deal for the cryptocurrency market.

If Trump gets another term, he might make rules easier and deal with money problems better. This could really help Bitcoin and other parts of the crypto market grow and become more stable

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