Telegram Gaming on the Rise with Notcoin Leading the Charge

In an exciting development, blockchain gaming is on the rise on platforms like Telegram, the popular messaging app. Here is a closer look at the phenomenon of Telegram gaming, with the success story of Notcoin, a viral game that has driven significant crypto adoption.

Telegram Becomes a Breeding Ground for Crypto Gaming

Telegram, known for its secure messaging features, has a user base exceeding 500 million. This vast audience presents a fertile ground for innovative applications, including blockchain games. Unlike traditional app stores, Telegram offers greater flexibility for developers, allowing them to leverage viral mechanics like sharing and in-app features to attract new users. Here is how Telegram facilitates the rise of crypto gaming:

  • Accessibility- Telegram provides an accessible platform for game developers, using existing Web2 technologies and integrating them with web page extensions and blockchain functionality. This ease of access lowers the barrier to entry for both developers and players.
  • Untapped potential- Telegram’s massive user base represents a largely untapped market for crypto adoption. Games like Notcoin can introduce these users to the world of cryptocurrency in a fun and engaging way.
  • Viral growth mechanics- Unlike app stores with stricter regulations, Telegram allows developers to utilize viral growth mechanics like sharing features. This fosters a more organic user acquisition process, attracting players through word-of-mouth and social interaction.

Notcoin Becoming A Game Changer for Web3 Adoption

Notcoin, a simple idle game where users tap their screens to earn NOT tokens, has become a phenomenon on Telegram. In just two months, it attracted over 30 million users. Some of its unique aspects are:

  • Onboarding millions to Web3- Notcoin has successfully onboarded a significant portion of Telegram users (around 3%) to the world of Web3. This proves the power of games in introducing new audiences to the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Financial rewards for casual gamers- Notcoin offers casual gamers a chance to earn NOT tokens through gameplay. The subsequent listing of these tokens on major cryptocurrency exchanges provided financial opportunities for players, further incentivizing participation.
  • Shifting from play-to-earn- Notcoin moves away from the traditional play-to-earn model seen in some Web3 games. It incorporates elements of traditional monetization, such as advertising, creating a more sustainable economic system for the game.

Telegram Gaming is Here to Stay- Industry Experts Weigh In

The success of Notcoin has resonated with industry experts who believe Telegram gaming holds immense potential for the future. Here is what some key figures have to say:

Inal Kardan (TON Foundation)- Kardan, the gaming lead at TON Foundation (the blockchain network powering Telegram games), highlights the unparalleled ability of games like Notcoin to attract new users to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He emphasizes Telegram’s accessibility and untapped potential as a distribution channel.

Yat Siu (Animoca Brands) —Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, a leading blockchain gaming firm, highlights Telegram’s advantage in terms of allowing viral growth mechanics. He points out that Apple and Google app stores have been stricter in this regard, hindering the success of Web3 games on their platforms.

Michał Dąbrowski (Elympics)- Dąbrowski, CEO of Elympics, a blockchain game infrastructure provider, believes Web3 games can revolutionize monetization mechanics in traditional games. Blockchain technology allows developers to use cryptocurrency wallets to incentivize and engage players more effectively.

Dąbrowski further highlights the potential of the TON ecosystem, which leverages Telegram’s massive user base. Games like Notcoin capitalize on this advantage by integrating viral mechanics within the social platform.

The Future of Telegram Gaming- A Bright Outlook

The success of Notcoin is just the beginning. With its massive user base, accessible features, and potential for viral growth, Telegram presents a unique opportunity for developers to create engaging Web3 games. This can further drive crypto adoption and facilitate blockchain-powered gaming experiences. However, it is important to note that the cryptocurrency market remains volatile, and careful research is vital before making any investment decisions related to games like Notcoin.

Jimi Pen

Jimi pen is a freelance journalist and Cryptocurrency expert who has completed her education from Vanier College, Quebec. She is originally from Switzerland and loves to travel in her free time. She has been associated with the cryptocurrency market since 4 years.

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