Kenyan Volcano Lights up Homes and Powers Bitcoin Mining with Renewable Energy

A startup named Gridless from Kenya is leading the way in using geothermal energy from a no longer active volcano to generate electricity for Bitcoin mining. Block, a company owned by Jack Dorsey, supports this effort. Besides helping the network of cryptocurrency, this project brings reliable energy to local areas that do not have enough power.

This innovative mining operation by Gridless is situated near the quiet volcanoes of ‘s Gate National Park. By harnessing earth heat and solar power, they provide a green solution vital for an industry often under fire for harming the environment.

Overview of Gridless

  • Created by, Erik Hersman with Philip Walton and Janet Maingi
  • Main Job, Using renewable energy to independently mine Bitcoin
  • Power Sources, Earth heat and sunlight from ‘s Gate National Park
  • Capacity, 500 kilowatt movable mining units
  • Achievement, Brought electricity to over 8,000 home Fields in Kenya, Zambia, and Malawi

A Dual Purpose Mission

Gridless has an innovative solution with two big goals, to support the global Bitcoin network and to improve energy access in Africa. CEO Erik Hersman said, “Most people pay attention to Bitcoin’s price. We work on making it useful and widely available through decentralised operations.”

By strategically placing operations near sources of renewable energy, Gridless not only keeps mining going but also helps make local renewable energy projects more viable. This move has greatly cut electricity costs and increased the reach of power supplies in many African villages.

Benefits Beyond Cryptocurrency

In Kenya, Zambia, and Malawi, Gridless does more than mine digital currencies. It takes part in a wider mission to help communities grow,

  • Electrification of remote areas brings essential electricity to homes,
  • Assisting local communities by energising agricultural facilities and backing up community amenities
  • Reducing environmental harm with renewable energy sources, cutting down on Bitcoin mining’s carbon emissions

Gridless positions its mining sites close to renewable energy, helping make these green projects more economical. This approach cuts power expenses and spreads electricity access. Because of this, 8,000 homes in Kenya, Zambia, and Malawi now have electricity. These efforts also benefit local economies by supplying energy for storing farm products and powering public structures like WiFi access points and locations for charging electric cars.

Crypto Mining’s Shift to Renewable Power Sources, A Look Ahead

Experts are noticing a move in where cryptocurrency mines are set up favoring areas where energy costs less. Energy costs are likely to shift toward areas with less expense, such as Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. This move could tap into renewable energy’s potential even more. With mining operations leaning towards renewable sources, the push for creating more green energy will likely see a financial boost. This could transform developing regions significantly by making renewable options financially sound.

Looking Ahead

Combining cryptocurrency mining with projects like Gridless that use clean energy is an exciting development for a fairer and greener future. Utilizing untapped renewable sources for Bitcoin mining provides support for the network and creates a new approach to how we use energy in Africa. Gridless not only aids the crypto world but also offers solutions to critical power issues on the continent. By Gridless helps to bring electricity to rural areas by using extra renewable energy. This is important because over 600 million people in those places don’t have a steady supply of power.

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