Bitcoin and Nvidia- A Case of Two Markets Entwined?

The recent price movements of Bitcoin and Nvidia (NVDA) have garnered significant attention due to the increasingly strong correlation between these seemingly unrelated assets. Here is a closer look at this connection, the potential causes, and the concerns surrounding a possible AI bubble.

Mirrored Movements- An Account of Two Assets

Bitcoin, the most established cryptocurrency, and Nvidia, a prominent player in the chipmaking industry, have exhibited a remarkable similarity in their price movements over the past year. While both assets have experienced recent pullbacks, their overall performance shows a striking parallel.

This corresponding movement can be quantified using the correlation coefficient, which indicates how closely the prices of two assets tend to move together. In the case of Bitcoin and Nvidia, the 90-day and 52-week correlation coefficients have exceeded 0.80, their highest point in nearly a year. This indicates a strong positive correlation, implying that the two assets have a high tendency to move in the same direction.


Timeframe Correlation Coefficient
90 Days 0.86 (Highest since May 2023)
52 Weeks 0.88 (Highest since January 2023)


The AI Engine Drives the Rise of Nvidia

The significant increase in Nvidia’s stock price can be primarily attributed to the growing demand for its advanced processors. These processors play a key role in artificial intelligence projects, particularly in the field of generative AI like ChatGPT. This surge in demand for AI technology has boosted Nvidia’s stock to new heights.

However, this intensified focus on AI has also triggered concerns among some analysts. They believe the current market enthusiasm surrounding AI stocks might be unsustainable, possibly leading to a scenario similar to the dot-com bubble burst witnessed in 2000.

Investment management firms like GMO have expressed wariness regarding a potential AI bubble. Analysts such as Jeremy Grantham, Chief Investment Strategist at GMO, draw parallels between the current AI frenzy and the historical market bubbles associated with past technological advancements. He is of the opinion that periods of excessive hype and market bubbles often accompany significant technological breakthroughs.

Grantham suggests that while AI holds immense potential to revolutionize various sectors, the initial market enthusiasm surrounding AI stocks might lead to a correction, bursting the bubble. However, strategists at Citi believe the AI bubble could persist until 2025.

Limited Diversification and Alternative Strategies

Despite the strong correlation between Bitcoin and Nvidia, simply investing in both assets might not significantly diversify an investor’s portfolio. Due to their matched movements, losses in one asset are not effectively offset by gains in the other.

Therefore, to manage portfolio risk more efficiently, investors should explore incorporating asset classes that exhibit lower correlations with both Bitcoin and Nvidia. This diversification strategy can help mitigate potential losses and create a more balanced portfolio.


The recent correlation between Bitcoin and Nvidia presents a unique situation in the financial landscape. While the surge in Nvidia’s stock is driven by the prospects of the AI revolution, concerns persist regarding a potential bubble. Investors navigating this interconnected market environment should exercise cautiousness, recognize the inherent risks associated with both assets and employ effective portfolio diversification strategies to safeguard their investments.

Maxwell Peterson

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