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Heather Heyer died 'fighting for what she believed in'

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Author Says, “New Age Racism Requires A New Way Of Thinking”

Leo Bashir Moor, author of "Race: The Elephant in the Room Will Kill You!"

Nationwide ( -- Leo Bashir Moor has a path that has been both promising and destructive. In 2015, Mr. Moor arrived on the scene with his instant classic, Race: The Elephant in the Room Will Kill You! The book was well received on Amazon and became a new standard for writers.

In his first book, Moor adds to Dr. Frances Cres Welsing’s “theory of color confrontation” by laying out a strategy that combines technology and community organizing to create business grants to end the poverty problem in the African- American community. Moor was then told by other “activist” that he was “Target” and trying to steal customers from “Wal-Mart” meaning the black authors who have no solutions but profit from black pain.

One and a half years following his first book, Moor released Rise of the Baby Mama: Age of the Disposable Male! The second time around Moor didn’t get a warm welcome. People thought he had gone too far. He suggested in his second book that a few vocal bad apples destroyed dating for African-American women. He had finally gone too far.

Moor quickly became the guy that nobody wanted to hear from. In the back of people’s minds they thought, “what if this guy is right, what if this actually works”? African-Americans can debate forever but when it comes to reaching the door we often become afraid of the other side. At the age of thirty-two you can look into the eyes of Moor and tell he is not your average millennial. He is college educated, creative, and has a Florida demeanor that reminds people that he came from the streets of South Florida. To add to that, he is a Navy veteran. People have attempted to quietly and secretly bury this up and coming author out of fear of the unknown.

Moor is currently working on bigger things, but books are still his first love. All of his books are “to the point” and easy for anyone to understand. He got his start writing songs and now he is getting ready for the small screen. Leo Bashir Moor, formerly known as “ Wallstreet Wade,” was featured on DJ Khaled’s Half Time Report (a mixtape created in 2010). One day he vanished and came back as Leo Bashir Moor. In 2011, he became heavily influenced by Dr. Ray Hagins and Dr. Frances Cres Wesling and then he vanished. The future is back.


Trump’s Inner Circle Sought Russian ‘Dirt’ on Clinton

Dirty business. The New York Times landed a bombshell in the Trump-Kremlin conspiracy investigation over the weekend. Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., was promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton before agreeing to meet with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign. Trump Jr. said the attorney’s comments were “vague, ambiguous and made no sense.” Present at the meeting were Trump. Jr., First Son-in-Law (to be) Jared Kushner, then-campaign chief Paul Manafort and the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya. Here clients include state-owned businesses and a senior government official’s son, whose company was under investigation in the United States at the time of the meeting. Her activities and associations had previously drawn the attention of the F.B.I., The times reported. Trump Jr. said his father “knew nothing of the meeting or these events.” Federal prosecutors and congressional investigators are trying to determine whether the Trump campaign encouraged Russian efforts to meddle in the election. The meeting at Trump Tower—on June 9, 2016, two weeks after Trump clinched the Republican presidential nomination—is the first confirmed private meeting involving his inner circle and a Russian. Trump Jr. initially said the meeting was mostly about adoptions of Russian infants.

Blind spot. Meanwhile, Trump Sr.’s on-again-off-again bromance with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin has cooled a bit since the couple’s two-hour Hamburg diplo-tryst. After effectively dismissing our own intelligence community’s position that Russia attempted to sway the presidential election, Trump said he wanted to make nice with Russia and perhaps set up a cybersecurity unit that would prevent future election hacking. Then, he didn’t. In a late Sunday night tweet, Trump threw cold water on the idea—while praising a Russian-U.S.-brokered ceasefire in Syria. Both Democrats and Republicans had already rebuked Trump on the cyber-security plan, as well as his relationship with Putin. “When it comes to Russia, he’s got a blind spot,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)

Inside enrichment. Some Republican representatives and senators are boosting their own finances with investments in health stocks as they debate Trumpcare, a bill that could ruin the finances of lower-income people in our country. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) bought between $50,000 to $100,000 in UnitedHealth stock. An account owned by the wife of Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas) bought UnitedHealth stock worth as much as $30,000. Conaway, a GOP deputy whip in the House, has a long history of investing in firms connected to his official duties. The STOCK Act was supposed to curb these abuses, but it has been watered down, and parts of it have been repealed.

American isolationism. European heads of state have stopped acting nice about their divisions with Trump. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Europe must “take our fate into our own hands.” The Group of 20 summit meeting was held in Hamburg. Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris accord has been widely condemned.


Torres Introduces North Korea Follow The Money Act

WASHINGTON, DC – This week Rep. Norma J. Torres (D-CA), a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, will introduce the North Korea Follow the Money Act, a bill aimed at making sanctions against North Korea more effective in preventing the advancement of their nuclear weapons program by more accurately determining the regime’s revenue sources.

“The recent ballistic missile test launched by North Korea is undoubtedly a cause for concern for the global community and should compel the world to take action to stop this threat,” said Torres. “My bill will make sure that any sanctions imposed by Congress or the administration apply meaningful financial pressure to the North Korean regime and inhibit their ability to move forward with their increasingly aggressive actions.”

The North Korea Follow the Money Act would require the Director of National Intelligence, in coordination with the Secretary of State, to produce a national intelligence estimate of North Korean revenue sources. The estimate would include information regarding North Korean funding sources, financial and non-financial networks through which North Korea accesses United States and international financial systems, and global financial institutions that assist North Korea with financial transactions.

“While targeted sanctions might be an appropriate response to address the North Korean threat, such sanctions will only work if we’re able to specifically identify where North Korea obtains the revenue to fund their weapons program,“ continued Torres. “North Korea’s actions pose a threat to U.S. interests and global stability, and it is critical that we not only take action but that we are certain that the actions we take are as effective as possible.”

Torres has also offered this legislation in the form of an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. The House Committee on Rules will determine Tuesday evening if Torres’s amendment will proceed to the House floor for a vote.

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