Healthcare: Who Win’s? Who Loses

Healthcare: Who Win’s? Who Loses

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Editorial Boards Across the Country Highlight Trump-GOP Disastrous Health Repeal

Republicans are working behind closed doors to pass their unpopular health repeal bill in secret.

Boston Globe: The GOP’s sneak attack on health care

So what changes are being made, and how would the Senate Republicans bill address the problems the CBO found in the House measure?

We don’t know. There have been no hearings, no released drafts, no informational meetings. What’s more, this week, the Senate bill-writers will finish their draft and send it to the Congressional Budget Office for analysis without releasing the legislation to the public. […]

But when legislation is treated with such secrecy, it’s obviously not because lawmakers think their constituents will be pleased when they learn the details.

This process alone is reason enough to vote against any bill that emerges from it. Those senators who support this hurry-up legislation should expect to be held accountable for doing so — even if the bill fails.

New York Times: The Senate Hides Its Trumpcare Bill Behind Closed Doors

There is no mystery why the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, is trying to push this bill through quickly. The legislation would repeal major provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Opening it to scrutiny before a vote would be the congressional equivalent of exposing a vampire to sunlight.

San Francisco Chronicle: Senate should not hide health care bill

Washington Republicans know they have a problem when President Trump calls the party’s prized health care plan “mean.” That’s partly why nervous GOP senators are hiding from the public while devising changes to a rough-edged blueprint handed them by the House.

Baltimore Sun: An unhealthy secrecy shrouds the Senate's bill to replace Obamacare

Their plan is to hold no hearings before the vote and take no input on the bill from experts, advocates or the public. There will be no committee hearings, no opportunity for amendments. Nothing, despite the fact that the only thing currently on the table, the American Health Care Act to repeal Obamacare that was passed May 4, has an approval rating below 20 percent.

Wisconsin State Journal: Slow down and get health care bill right

Now the U.S. Senate is secretly drafting its own sweeping replacement of former President Barack Obama’s health care law, with few details reaching the public.

Argus Leader: Too much secrecy with health care bill

Considering the AHCA has failed to generate majority public support in any of the 50 states – including South Dakota, not exactly a Democratic stronghold – this process can only be seen as strategically designed to avoid public scrutiny of the bill’s merits.

Peoria Journal Star: Shush … It’s Only Your Health Care

Nothing good happens under cover of darkness in D.C. The Republican diet on Capitol Hill is being supplemented with heavy doses of vitamin D these days, so sunshine-deprived is the GOP’s American Health Care Act.

Idaho Mountain Express: McConnell buries health-care debate in back room

Rather than returning from bitter partisanship to reasoned deliberation as promised, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is engaged in winner-take-all tactics that have buried the health-care debate in a back room.

Bangor Daily News: The three pillars of Republican health care reform: sabotage, speed, secrecy

Secrecy breeds suspicion, so there is good reason to be very suspicious of a health care bill crafted by the Senate’s Republican leaders. They are being extremely secretive about the details of health care legislation that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. We fear Republicans’ efforts to keep the bill hidden mean that, like the House Republican bill, their legislation will leave millions of American without health insurance while driving up costs and weakening protections for others.

Washington Examiner: Republicans, bring your healthcare bill out for inspection

Meanwhile, Trump and Republicans are sabotaging health insurance markets by creating uncertainty.

Lexington Herald Leader: Loss of health care on McConnell

Aside from dodging responsibility for the disruptions in people’s lives, Republicans also are trying to dodge this reality: Their actions and inaction sabotaged the insurance exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act. They caused the uncertainty cited by insurers such as Anthem Inc. when it announced that it would leave the Ohio market next year.

Columbus Dispatch: Stop bickering, fix health care

Congress now looks as unhinged as the president, frightening vulnerable Americans and making insurers skittish.

In announcing it was pulling out of Ohio’s Obamacare exchange for 2018, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield cited, in part, uncertainty over federal reimbursements and regulations.

The Cap Times: Wisconsin needs to elect leaders who know health care is a right

Vice President Mike Pence was in Milwaukee Saturday on another failed mission to defend the assault on health care protections by President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan. Pence offered no reassurances about the federal plan.

The bottom line is that Trump and Republicans are hurting millions of Americans across the country.

Des Moines Register: Trump protects nursing homes at seniors' expense

Fear of litigation encourages homes to hire adequate staff, train them and provide good care. Apparently homes have little to fear under the Trump administration. The same cannot be said for sick, disabled and elderly Americans.

Seattle Times: Washington families have a lot to lose if ACA goes away

Instead of helping make health insurance more affordable for families, President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans want to help the wealthy pay lower taxes.

Star Tribune: GOP senators from Midwest shouldn't aid in gutting Medicaid

Minnesota’s two senators, both Democrats, are not expected to vote for this harmful legislation. But families who depend on Medicaid in neighboring states could well have their Senate representatives cast a party-line vote in favor of the bill. South Dakota and Iowa each have two Republican senators; North Dakota and Wisconsin each have one.

That’s troubling when the Medicaid data show how important the program is to Upper Midwest states.

In North Dakota, 1 in 4 children are covered by Medicaid, as well as 1 in 3 disabled people and 1 in 2 nursing home residents. In South Dakota, 1 in 3 children get care through Medicaid. So do 50 percent of nursing home residents and 40 percent of those who are disabled.

In Iowa, Medicaid covers 40 percent of children and 40 percent of those with disabilities, as well as half of nursing home residents. In Wisconsin, 60 percent of nursing home residents depend on Medicaid. So do 1 in 3 Wisconsin children and 1 in 2 Wisconsin citizens with disabilities. (In Minnesota, it’s 1 in 4 children and half of nursing home residents and people with disabilities.)



“You Still Wet Behind the Ears…”


Yet you think you know everything [1 Corinthians 8:2]. YOU KNOW NOTHING! You better talk to some grown folks and be schooled [Proverbs 28:16]. You better talk to somebody who’s been there, done that! For life is not to be trampled on. Life is not to be wasted. [Ephesians, 5:15-17] says… “Be careful how you live, not as fools but as those who are wise. Don’t act thoughtlessly! God has given you a life to live for His glory and your good. Think it through, know what you’re here for, know your purpose, make the most of every opportunity, be wise and try to understand what God wants you to do. I tell you humility is always the most desirable option, but I know you can’t tell that to a fool because a fool despises wisdom. A fool despises instruction. A wise man will hear and will increase learning [Proverbs 12:15] but a fool takes no pleasure in understanding… [Proverbs 18:2]. Like I said, YOU KNOW NOTHING! Yeah talking to you is just like talking to a child. You can tell a child repeatedly that fire is hot, but they never really get it until they have been burned. [Proverbs 23:9]. When this happens, they can then relate to what hot means. It is a lesson they will never forget as long as they live, but it was a bitter lesson to have to learn. Unfortunately, we all seem to possess this same characteristic. We have to be burned before we can learn!

I want you to know that in reading the book of Ecclesiastes, I realized this was Solomon also: been there, done that, now what? Solomon wrote three books in the Bible: Song of Solomon — a romantic book, it’s filled with chemistry and love and great words that sizzle of his first love. Then he wrote Proverbs — a middle-aged man, successful. “Been there, done that.” Then he reveals his inner heart and soul —the book of Ecclesiastes. The end result is that he looks back and says, “I have lived a life under the sun. It was a life of emptiness, a life void of meaning.” Solomon — who was the wealthiest person who ever lived and evidently one of the most brilliant individuals who has ever lived — gets to the end of his life, after he’s accomplished all that he’d accomplished, and he says it’s all empty, it’s all futility, it’s all vanity. And he says, “Now what, now what? What is it all about, what did it mean?” He missed the meaning of life. [Ecclesiastes 2-3]. Don’t let that be said about you. Don’t be a fool, taking pride in what you perceive as your intelligence and wisdom. Such wisdom “is foolishness in God’s sight.”[Proverbs 15:9]. By contrast, trust the Lord, learn His wisdom from the Scriptures of the Bible, acknowledge Him and His ways, and you will be truly wise. If not, Jesus says, “He will break down your stubborn pride and make the sky above you like iron and the ground beneath you like bronze. [Leviticus 26:19]. Make no mistake about it!

I want you to know that the School of Hard Knocks is now taking enrollment. What is the School of Hard Knocks? It is a school for those who think they know everything. It is a school for those who say, “It’s my prerogative, I’ll do what I want to do!” It is a school for those who leave God’s path and hate His rules. [Proverbs 15:10-20] The School of Hard Knocks…Location: Anywhere….Cost: Free – Initially. The faster you learn, the cheaper the course. WARNING: The costs could become high if the lessons need to be repeated several times. This course is ideal for those who meet the following criteria: [1.] Hearing impaired: i.e. you ignore advice and warnings. [2.] Egocentric: You believe that the world revolves around you. [3.] Perfect: The more perfect that you believe you are, the more you will benefit. [4.] Well educated: The smarter you think you are, the more you will learn what you don’t know. [5.] Stubborn: The more stubborn you are the more intense the training will be. Length of Courses: Anywhere from a moment to a lifetime -depending on how many repetitions of lessons you require. Curriculum: Curriculum is individually designed to suit each person’s areas of resistance. Instructors: None: The ‘hearing’ impaired don’t listen anyway. Graduation Date: Undetermined: When you discover that you aren’t nearly as perfect and smart as you thought. When the world no longer revolves around you. When you don’t need hard knocks to teach you. When you’re hearing ability is restored and you can listen to other people. On graduation: At the end you will be counted among the wise if you listen to advice and accept discipline” [Proverbs 19:20].

So what does this mean to you today? It means that if you desire to maximize your purpose and potential in life, before you die, you must maintain a teachable spirit. If you ever get to the point where you refuse to learn you will not be fit for the Kingdom. God’s rejects the proud, but He gives grace to the humble (1st Peter 5). So be thankful for what you know, but know that you don’t know it all!

“He who ignores discipline comes to poverty and shame, but whoever heeds correction is honored.” [Proverbs 13:18]

“If you reject discipline, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.” (Proverbs 15:32]



ACLU Responds to Acquittal of Officer Yanez for Manslaughter Charges in Philando Castile’s Death

ST. PAUL, MINN. – Today, a jury in Ramsey County found Officer Jeronimo Yanez not guilty of the 2016 killing of Philando Castile.

The following statement can be attributed to Teresa Nelson, interim executive director of the ACLU of Minnesota:

"The jury's decision to acquit Officer Yanez does not negate the fact that Philando Castile’s tragic death is part of a disturbing national pattern of officers using excessive force against people of color, often during routine encounters. Philando Castile was one of 1,092 individuals killed by the police in 2016. Yet in most cases, the officers and police departments are not held accountable. While many officers carry out their jobs with respect for the communities they serve, we must confront the profound disconnect and disrespect that many communities of color experience with their local law enforcement.

"Two Supreme Court decisions from the 1980’s allow officers to use deadly force when a reasonable officer on the scene could reasonably fear for their safety. These two decisions create an atmosphere where police violence is sanctioned based on what we think a hypothetical officer could have felt, even if, in reality, the officer was acting recklessly, had ill motives or was acting based on implicit bias. Taking another person’s life is the most extreme action a police officer can take, and consequently new standards are needed to better ensure that police killings happen rarely.

"The ACLU will continue to fight for racial justice. We must end the prevailing policing paradigm where police departments behave more like occupying forces, imposing their will to control communities. This type of 'us vs. them' policing antagonizes many communities of color by casting a blanket of suspicion over an entire race, often under the guise of solving crime.

"To build trust, we need a democratic system of policing where our communities have an equal say in the way their neighborhoods are policed. Collaboration, transparency, and communication between police and communities around the shared goals of equality, fairness, and public safety is the path forward."


For more information about the ACLU of Minnesota:


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