California Medical Board accused of illegally targeting black doctors

Billy Earley, Physician Assistant in Corona, California

— Physician Assistant Billy Earley says that the state Medical Board is wrongfully targeting and discriminating against African-American doctors. —

Corona, CA ( — Billy Earley is a Physician Assistant with over 18 years of experience. He speaks 3 languages and is an inventor, musician and author of the book, The Gods of the Bacteria, available on

However, when Earley recently opened his own clinic in Corona, California, within just six weeks, the California Medical Board served a complaint on his practice. Earley says the Medical Board tampered with the charts to illegally revoke his license and close down his clinic. Earley says he believes its because he is African American, and because he sued CVS and Walgreens pharmacies for calling his patients “Negritos” and faxing papers to him changing his name to “Billy N. Earley” (Nigger Earley).

Earley is asking for the public to support him by sending the Medical Board a strong voice, and demanding that they stop targeting minority doctors and mid-level practitioners. Earley comments, “African American doctors are underrepresented and we need more doctors and people in the medical field to help our people. The Medical Board investigators have police officer’s authority and this is a wide spread media problem when it comes to minority justice.”

According to Earley, the Criminal Justice Research Center conducted an important study on wrongfully convicted people and estimated that 10,000 innocent people are convicted each year.

Earley alleges that he is one of those thousands of people, and that the Medical Board investigators made a lot of false reports about him and his staff. He is petitioning the Governor of California and the State Assembly to enact new guidelines to hold their investigators accountable for their actions and for the investigators to be more transparent with their investigation. “Racism and discrimination should never be involved in medicine or the World Health Organization,” he says. “But I and most of my African American patients are being exposed to this daily.”

Early adds, “There are a lot of doctors who are being punished and their licenses are being revoked because of these police officers making these false reports and fabricating evidence. Most minority doctors cannot fight off these false charges because attorneys are very expensive and they will consume all of the doctors’ savings in a few gulps. Please take a few minutes of your time to help Black doctors stay in business and stop the Medical Board from abusing their powers and illegally incriminating African American medical providers and innocent minorities who are trying to help their people. This is not fair!”

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