The Piercing Trend Has No End In Sight

The Greater Los Angeles Area is known for not only making trends but injecting them with fuel to start a blaze that sweeps the nation. Such is the case with piercings.

Nipple Piercings on the rise
The new trend, nipple piercings is the new rage amongst both male and female, young and old.

When it comes to body piercings, there are a few things you should know as there are a lot of piercing shops which may not be licensed, or on a suspended license. Furthermore, many people think they can do it themselves, because “how hard can it be.”

Plenty hard. The exposure to bloodborne pathogens for one.

Do I have your attention now? Good.

The use of injected anesthetics is prohibited as it is illegal unless administered from a licensed, qualified medical professional. To be safe, you ethanol chloride only.

All equipment used during the piercing process, including the jewelry used, must be autoclaved. This is a process where a pressure chamber is used to achieve sterilization to prevent infection and the transmission of bloodborne pathogens which can cause health concerns for both the person receiving the piercing, as well as the person performing the piercing.

Only pre-packaged piercing needles should be used, and ONLY USED ONCE! Dispose of the used needles into an approved sharp bin.

Gloves should always be worn, and after the procedure, both gloves, as well as any blood soiled tissues, must be disposed of in a clinical waste basket and not into the regular municipal trash receptacle. These clinical waste baskets must be collected by a company licensed to do so.

The “no touch technique” should be used as much as possible. Once the gloves are on, the person administering the piercing should only touch two things: the equipment and the customer. This ensures that cross-contamination will be a low risk.

Neither party should be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Piercing guns designed for ear piercings should ONLY be used on the ear on not on any other body part. There are no exceptions. Do NOT pierce the cartilage of the ear. The reason is the piercing gun shoots “bolts” into the ear lobe, and if cartilage is hit, the cartilage will shatter, causing visible permanent lumps on the ear. Infection can also occur due to the pins being too short.

Please note that inferior metals used in the jewelry can cause infection, discoloration, and allergic reactions. Titanium, 9ct gold or higher, or PTFE are recommended. Piercing specialists we interviewed for this piece recommend BodyCandy (online) for the purchase of the jewelry, and also mentioned Spencers which usually has local outlets, so you don’t have to wait for your shipment to arrive to get pierced.

What are the most popular? Well, next to ear piercings, belly rings, nose rings, and even nipple rings (pictured) are what is hot right now.

You can spray anesthetic to freeze the area being pierced to lessen the pain felt during the process. Be careful in not using too much as it can cause frostbite, which could result in a hospital visit for treatment. If you are piercing to the tongue, using too much can cause a loss of taste in the mouth, loss of smell, or even loss of sight. Do NOT spray it directly in any of those areas.

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