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What it Means to Be Undocumented in California

We call her Juana – she can't risk using her real name. She came to the United States in 2006, fleeing the terrifying violence in El Salvador that left many of her family members dead. Here in America she lives with a different kind of fear – not of murderous gangs, but of being discovered. Juana is one of 2.6 million undocumented immigrants living in California, and being deported would mean leaving her husband and two young children behind.

As part of a new series about how California is dealing with the Trump administration's hardline approach to immigration, Capital & Main reporter Aura Bogado spent time with Juana, watching her "calculate and recalculate even the smallest decisions in her life" in an effort to remain undetected. Co-published by The American Prospect.


Are You Listening?

On Tuesday April 25, 2017, PAL Charter Academy students participated in a Youth and Law Enforcement Listening Session held at the Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino. Hosted by Young Visionaries, the event provided excellent dialog about relations between law enforcement and the community. Students voiced their concerns and gave personal accounts of their experiences with the law: good and bad. The mediator inquired how relations can be improved and one student replied “I’ll never trust the police.” The listening session allowed for real discussion on real issues, and helped change perceptions. We can improve relations by opening this type of dialog with the community and law enforcement. This event and the Live 2 Learn community forums are part of a national push in improving these efforts and utilizing the information gathered to create change.


PAL Students Learn 2 Live

On Friday, April 21st, the PAL Center and PAL Charter Academy hosted the second Live 2 Learn Community Forum of this school year. The purpose of the forum was to proactively improve communications between the local community and law enforcement.

Chief Joseph Paulino of the San Bernardino City Unified School District Police Department has spearheaded this event in response to the negative connotations associated with law enforcement in current media. The vision of the community forum is to increase positive awareness and engagement between law enforcement and community. In many cases, reluctantly, the crowd gathered unsure of what to expect and defensive due to personal bias. Officer Ryan Tillman of the Chino Hills Police Department put spectators at ease and began to shift perspective as he shared his own personal testimony prior to joining the department. The officers who shared at this event empathized with community concerns as they began to illustrate their daily responsibilities through conversation and role-play.

Allowing students to role play with fake weapons and real life scenarios was an eye-opening experience. Student participants shared the following thoughts: “Police wouldn’t pick on you for no reason; there’s probable cause for everything they do and I saw that in action.” Alfredo Perez, PAL Sophomore. “I think there are good and bad officers but I’ve only experienced bad ones before today. This was educational and informative. I appreciate good officers taking the time to share their stories and experience with us.” Jeremiah Cook, PAL Junior

Many of the myths to law enforcement were addressed by officers who are engaged in the trenches of this work daily. The question was asked, “How important is it for kids to grow up and become police officers in their neighborhoods?” The response was simple and echoed by the entire panel of officers, “There is no better option than for an officer to return and serve in the neighborhood they knew as home.”

Mr. Radden, CEO of PAL Center and Academy, reminded the audience, "Community builds community, not police. The police are there to helps us maintain law and order in the communities we build. If we want change in our community we must have knowledge and understanding about the things we need to change. This event was a great platform for students and community to get firsthand knowledge from officers, to aid in our efforts to make change in our communities and lives.”

PAL Charter Academy is providing solutions for student success by supporting students through an individualized approach to learning. PAL is currently enrolling for 2017 summer and fall sessions as well as PCA Middle School, 6th – 8th grade scheduled to open fall 2017. For more information visit the website at or call 909-887-7002.


Redlands woman charged with murder in DUI crash that killed a 3-year-old child

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - A 34-year-old Redlands woman has been charged with murder and multiple counts in connection with a DUI crash in San Bernardino that killed 3-year-old Michael Flores.

Crystal Fuentes was arrested Thursday after striking and killing the child who was crossing Base Line Street in a crosswalk with his family.

"This is every parent's worst nightmare, to lose a child," District Attorney Mike Ramos said. "When I heard about the deadly crash that took the life of 3-year-old Michael Flores, my heart broke for him and his family."

Fuentes is charged with one count of Murder, one count of Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated, one count of Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol - Prior Convictions, one count of Driving with a .08% Blood Alcohol Content - Prior Convictions, and one count of Driving When Privilege Suspended for Prior DUI Conviction.

Arraignment details are still pending (Case # FSB17001651). When arraignment information becomes available, it will be posted on the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Twitter account (@sbcountyda). No further information will be released at this time


U.S. Secretary Of Education Visits North Park Elementary School On Friday, April 28

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos traveled to San Bernardino on Friday to visit North Park Elementary School and show her support for the students and staff impacted by the April 10 tragedy that claimed the life of a teacher and 8-year-old student and wounded a classmate.

DeVos spent time eating lunch with students and read the Dr. Seuss book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” to a kindergarten class. She visited several classrooms, met with North Park teachers and staff, and toured the North Park campus. Then DeVos met privately with the families of special education teacher Karen Smith, who was killed on April 10, and fourth-grade student Nolan Brandy, who was wounded in the same incident. The family of student Jonathan Martinez, who lost his life that day, could not attend because they are still in Mexico following Jonathan’s burial in his native Durango.

DeVos’ visit to San Bernardino lasted more than an hour. DeVos saw the exemplary work being done to educate the school’s 530 students and was briefed on the various ways North Park and the San Bernardino City Unified School District are supporting children, families, and employees in the aftermath of the April 10 shooting.

Secretary DeVos’ visit came at the invitation of District Superintendent Dr. Dale Marsden, with whom she spoke in the immediate wake of the April 10 tragedy. The Department of Education remains in close coordination with the school and District to provide needed support and resources.

“My heart aches for the children and families impacted by this senseless tragedy, but my spirit soared to see the resiliency of the students and staff. It is clear this school community has rallied together to care for every child and for each other,” DeVos said following her visit. “I want to commend the entire North Park Elementary and San Bernardino Unified District team for the nurturing environment they’ve created and for continuing undeterred with the important mission of educating the rising generation.”

DeVos’ visit signifies her commitment to public education and her support for the North Park students and staff, Marsden said. And, it also gave the District an opportunity to show DeVos North Park’s exemplary academic programs, which include Accelerated Kindergarten for gifted students and special day classes for students with unique learning needs.

“Education Secretary Betsy DeVos showed our community she truly cares about the safety and wellbeing of our students,” Marsden said. “We’re very proud to share with her North Park’s mission, which has always been to focus on the academic and social needs of all students, especially now more than ever.”

Following her visit to North Park, DeVos spent time personally speaking with the Smith and Brandy families. She was especially delighted to meet Nolan Brandy, who was accompanied by his parents.

“It was inspiring to hear about the wonderful lives Karen and Jonathan led and to witness the incredible strength Nolan has shown,” DeVos said. “While life at North Park will never be exactly the same, I have no doubt the students and staff will continue to exemplify the remarkable spirits of those who were lost.”


Trump Administration Kills Michelle Obama’s ‘Let Girls Learn’ Program

Publishers Corner, Clifton Harris, Publisher of The San Bernardino AMERICAN News, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unlike Melania Trump, Michelle Obama really did stuff as the first lady. She pushed an initiative promoting fitness and healthy eating for kids called “Let’s Move!” She also started the Reach Higher Initiative, which encouraged students to continue their education beyond high school.

In 2015, President Barack Obama and the first lady launched Let Girls Learn, a federal-government initiative to help girls in developing countries around the world go to school and stay in school. It was not only an attempt to help girls whose educational needs might be overlooked, but also an opportunity to empower those young women.

Well, the evil king has seen enough, and this raggedy-ass administration is doing away with Let Girls Learn because it is demented and vile. CNN reports that the program will cease operation immediately, according to an internal document that was sent to Peace Corps employees.

“Moving forward, we will not continue to use the ‘Let Girls Learn’ brand or maintain a stand-alone program,” the email sent to Peace Corps employees this week by the agency’s acting director, Sheila Crowley, read. Let Girls Learn was an intergovernmental initiative run by the Peace Corps and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

“‘Let Girls Learn’ provided a platform to showcase Peace Corps’ strength in community development, shining a bright light on the work of our Volunteers all over the world,” Crowley wrote. “We are so proud of what ‘Let Girls Learn’ accomplished and we have all of you to thank for this success.”

A spokesman for the Peace Corps told CNN on Monday that the agency would continue its efforts to promote girls’ education.


What the Next 100 Days of the Trump Administration Should Look Like

A few days ago the Trump Administration passed the 100 day milestone, and I can’t help but think, “So what?” Yes, there are many symbolic interpretations to be taken from this time-honored tradition. But I challenge you: does it really matter? Is our republic so weak as to rely, so heavily on what a man can do in an arbitrary set of days? Our founders never envisioned this in the role of the Executive Branch. Their expectations for government more broadly were never so ambitious. They were going for progression, not perfection. And for that reason, I’m hopeful for our nation. So the better question the President, his allies and the Congress should be asking is: What does Day 101 look like?

There are many challenges. The President must continue to shift and show the country that he is a leader who came to Washington to govern, and be president for all. That means taking care of the business of the nation—passing laws, paying bills, diplomacy abroad; these are the pillars of the republic, and ones we should be focusing on. I think Day 101 and the weeks beyond should be spent on three critical areas. If Trump can show progress there, he will send a strong message to the nation and the world that his is an administration that means business.

When it comes to economic growth, there are so many directions this mandate can take, but it begins with shoring up our ability as a nation to meet and pay our debts, restrain spending, and keep our debt-to-growth ratio in check. Items such as a continuing resolution, raising the debt ceiling, etc., may not be attractive in the eyes of the masses, but they are necessary for a nation where one federal department’s budget is greater than the GDP of 100 foreign countries. And here the President can certainly lead. And more importantly, the summation of these successes leads to a major goal for Trump—fundamental tax reform. He should use the bully pulpit to make that a hallmark of his first four years. Think long game. Don’t pledge another bumbled blitzkrieg to jam through a measure of that magnitude. Take your time; involve bipartisan partners; negotiate a deal and then well, write a book about it. Every major tax bill has needed support from broad constituencies. This will be no different. Trump has the mind for this sort of maneuver. He should employ it.

The Trump Administration must show wisdom abroad. The next few months are critical for the United States on the world stage. A North Korean threat should be taken seriously. Desperate men do desperate things. Additionally, the Middle East is never stable, Syria needs more than rhetoric, and the Taliban seems anxious to make a comeback as the world’s leader in terrorism given the mass soldier shooting in Iraq just days ago. The president was smart to dispatch military assets off of Japan. These times call for the proper mix of diplomacy and show of force. I also believe Trump would be wise to employ his secretaries of state and defense. Use them – especially Secretary Tillerson and Nikki Haley – to be the interlocutors on behalf of the White House. They can serve as the proper channels to convey Trump’s doctrine without involving the president himself. That only makes sense given so much uncertainty and fluidity around the globe.

President Trump also needs to build out his team. This task seems insignificant for a new president, but the effect of its failure has reverberations felt throughout government. In his best-selling book “Good to Great,” business guru Jim Collins writes that a hallmark of successful organizations and leaders starts by getting “the right people on the bus.” The federal government is very large, with many executive slots that remain empty. I believe to my core that small, easy accomplishments can start occurring just by having like-minded personnel at the helm channeling Trump’s agenda day in, day out. That’s a task that Kushner and Priebus can take on collectively and show others in the White House complex that they can work together for a common good.

It all goes back to governing. The American electorate is ready for this change, and because the government permeates every facet of our lives, they will start to see the change even in their daily activities. “Make America Great Again” is more than a slogan. It’s a pursuit that can and must encompass even the smallest functions of government in order to live up to the weightiness of its words. That pursuit will continue well beyond any imaginary marker.

Armstrong Williams is the manager/sole owner of Howard Stirk Holdings I & II Broadcast Television Stations and Executive Editor of American CurrentSee online Magazine. Watch our “Right Side Forum” every Saturday Live Newschannel 8 TV 28 in DC, 10:30 am – 11:00 am and repeats 6:30 pm EST. Follow Armstrong Williams on Twitter @arightside.


New Freeway Express Bus Route Connects Yucaipa, Redlands, San Bernardino

(San Bernardino, CA) Omnitrans will launch a new freeway express bus route on Monday, May 1, 2017. Route 208 will operate at peak commute hours on weekdays traveling between the Yucaipa Transit Center, downtown Redlands and the San Bernardino Transit Center.

“Route 208 will cut travel time in half compared to taking local bus routes,” said Omnitrans spokesperson Wendy Williams. “Express buses also have free Wi-Fi on board to help make commuting time more productive.”

At the San Bernardino Transit Center, passengers can connect with 12 other Omnitrans bus routes, the sbX rapid transit line, and routes operated by Victor Valley Transit Authority, Mountain Transit and Pass Transit. Metrolink commuter rail service will be extended to the San Bernardino Transit Center in fall 2017.

Omnitrans is offering free rides on Route 208 during the first week of service, May 1 - 5. Regular fares are $1.75 one-way or $5 for a 1-day pass. Discounts are available for youth 18 and under, senior citizens age 62 and up, military veterans and people with disabilities.

Omnitrans operates two other freeway express routes: Route 290 travels the 10 freeway connecting San Bernardino, Colton, Ontario Mills and Montclair; Route 215 travels the 215/91 corridor connecting San Bernardino, south Colton and Riverside. Ridership on Omnitrans freeway express service is growing with passenger boardings up about 5% year to date.

Personalized routing assistance is available at 800-9-OMNIBUS (800-966-6428) or online at


Route 208 map and schedule:

Trip planner:

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