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County considering Riverside teleconference for Oct. 1 Board meeting in Palm Desert Featured

Riverside County Board of Supervisors Riverside County Board of Supervisors Riverside County Board of Supervisors Logo

Riverside County plans to hold a Board of Supervisors meeting away from the normal Riverside location on Oct. 1, and is considering plans for a videoconference that would provide for public participation in both Palm Desert and Riverside

during that meeting. Weekly Board meetings are held in the County Administrative Center in Riverside and meetings in other locations are extremely rare. But Supervisor John J. Benoit had proposed that the Board meet in Palm Desert and, at today’s (8/20) meeting, supervisors agreed to meet Oct. 1 at the Coachella Valley Water District headquarters, 75-525 Hovley Lane East in Palm Desert. Board members asked the county staff to determine the cost of carrying live video of the Oct. 1 meeting on the internet. The county streams live internet video when the Board meets in Riverside, where the necessary equipment already is in place. The county staff will determine whether streaming, as well as videoconferencing, can be made available on Oct. 1. If both can be accomplished, people with an internet connection could watch the Oct. 1 meeting online and the public could watch the meeting and comment via a videoconference link between Palm Desert and the Board chambers in Riverside, 4080 Lemon St. Supervisor Jeff Stone also proposed today (Tuesday) that the Board meet in locations around the county once every four months. Board members decided Tuesday to use the Oct. 1 meeting as a test to help determine the costs. Thoughts of meeting outside Riverside again or further use of teleconferencing could be considered after the Oct. 1 meeting, Board members said.

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