Publication of Your Privacy in 2017

Publication of Your Privacy in 2017

On October 27, 2016, the ...

Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador

Trump revealed highly classified in…

President Trump revealed...

Witness For Justice #840 A Reluctant Marcher

Witness For Justice #840 A Reluctan…

I have a confession to m...

Wine and Food Tasting Event Returns to Botanic Gardens

Wine and Food Tasting Event Returns…

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (www.u...

“Daughters of the Dust” Kicks Off Free Film Series

“Daughters of the Dust” Kicks Off F…

RIVERSIDE, California – ...

Study Finds Exposure to Racism Harms Children's Health

Study Finds Exposure to Racism Harm…

New research to be prese...

Cops Look for Answers in Policing the Mentally Ill

Cops Look for Answers in Policing t…

Taleah Everett, 20, a wo...

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Urban Professional Baseball League To Launch Four News Teams In The Spring Of 2018

Nationwide ( -- The National Urban Professional Baseball League (NUPBL) will be launching four new teams in the spring of 2018. The league is open to baseball players 17 years old and older who have baseball talent, and the participants will be paid. They will offer an eight week fall league in Arizona, September through October 2017. Tryouts for the teams will start in May of 2017. All baseball players interested in trying out for a team should visit their website for registration information at or call (773) 517-2175.

The creation of this professional baseball league was designed to provide family entertainment and honor the history and memories of past African America baseball players (the same as the Negro League Museum in Kansas City, MO). The names of the teams in this league will reflect that of past Negro League players i.e. Rube Foster All-Stars, Cool Papa Bell All Stars, William "Skinny Legs" Blair and the Buck O’Neil All Stars etc.

The league comments, “We are seeking to identify potential sponsor for the NUPBL we are reaching out to corporations, businesses and community leaders for sponsorship. We feel that this could be a win-win opportunity for all parties as we project attendance of 50,000 to 200,000 families annually." Businesses and/or products can become part of the game with full color banners being seen throughout the ballpark. All interested sponsors should call (773) 517-2175.

For more information, visit


Boxing Day

Boxing has long been a preferred way to stay in shape for many young health enthusiasts. But, boxing as a fulfilling workout may now be attracting older fitness buffs, says the Association of Mature American Citizens.

In a recent Forbes Magazine article, Carolyn Rosenblatt, an expert on aging, reported that one California retirement community has been signing up residents as old as 94-years of age for a new boxing program. They've even got a few would-be pugilists in wheelchairs who are learning the ropes just for fun.

Says Rosenblatt: "It's easy to forget about the need for fun. We are in an ageist society, dismissive of too many of the best parts of being an older person. One of those best parts is the ability to learn something new."


NASCAR teams, fans turning to new company for help in finding homes to rent

BROOKLYN, MI – With help from an investment from ABC's "Shark Tank," Rent Like a Champion is expanding beyond college towns for NASCAR and PGA Tour events in 2017.

The game-weekend home rental group's won't be exclusively for race fans during the two NASCAR weekends at Michigan International Speedway. They also have interest from a race team.

"They're on the road pretty much eight months in a row, week in and week out," said RLAC CEO Mike Doyle. "They like the idea of a home in the sense that it would be a little bit more comfortable than staying in hotels all those weeks."

For big groups – like a 20-person race team – RLAC offers a "homey" atmosphere near the venue, unlike many hotel options. While the average group size is six to eight, RLAC has options ranging from one bedroom to houses that can accommodate multiple families.

"You have this huge influx of people, not a ton of options in terms of places to stay and a great opportunity for local homeowners," Doyle said. "Be it in Brooklyn or really any town within 10 or 15 miles of the track."

For those who rent out their homes, the average return is about $1,000.

"We have people who rent out their house five or six times and they'll pay off their mortgage for the entire year," Doyle said. "Just by leaving their home for a couple weekends."

The business already is booming in college towns across the country, like Ann Arbor and East Lansing. Ann Arbor has 80 homes on the market for football games, commencement, weddings, reunions, arts festivals and more.

Nationwide, 3,000 homes are on the platform, with an expected 20,000 travelers in 2016.

How it works

Whether the big weekend makes you want in or out of town, people can sign up at Renters pick the house that fits best and agrees to a contract.

RLAC holds the money and a deposit until the weekend is over – in case the provided house isn't up to standards or the renters cause any damage. The incident rate sits at 2 percent, with the average total being $97 per issue.

In addition, RLAC takes out a $1 million insurance policy for every rental.

"It's rare that anything goes wrong," Doyle said. "But even so, that $1 million insurance policy does a lot to put people's minds at ease."

The homeowners set their own prices and are responsible for providing clean sheets, towels, basic toiletries, WiFi passwords, etc. as well as a clean kitchen and bathrooms. Other amenities can include grills, big screen TVs and pools.

There are no sign-up fees. Homeowners receive more than 80 percent of the funds, as 15 percent goes to RLAC and another 2.9 percent is for credit card fees.

The business started in South Bend, Ind. in 2006 and expanded nationally in 2012.

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