Polygon Joins Forces- The $100 Million Inevitable Games Fund for Web3 Gaming Growth 

Video games may be on the cusp of a major transformation, and a significant investment could be a catalyst for this change. Recognizing the immense potential of Web3 gaming, three major players in the industry, Immutable, King River Capital, and Polygon Labs, have joined forces to establish a dedicated $100 million investment fund called the Inevitable Games Fund (IGF).

What is the Inevitable Games Fund (IGF)?

The IGF is a venture capital fund designed to identify and invest in promising early-stage Web3 gaming projects. With a focus on high-growth opportunities, the fund aims to provide professional investors with a chance to capitalize on the growing Web3 gaming market.

The key players include: 

King River Capital- This venture capital firm will lead the investment process, leveraging its expertise to evaluate and select promising Web3 gaming projects.

Immutable- A prominent developer platform for Web3 games, Immutable will contribute its knowledge and experience in the Web3 gaming landscape to identify potential investment opportunities.

Polygon Labs- A leading blockchain network for Web3 development, Polygon Labs will play a key role in scouting promising Web3 games built on their blockchain network.

Investing in the Future of Gaming

The IGF is not just throwing money at random projects. They have a clear vision for the future of Web3 gaming, focusing on investments that align with these goals:

Disruptive Innovation

The fund seeks to support Web3 gaming projects that revolutionize the traditional gaming experience by enabling features like player ownership of in-game assets and fostering a more community-driven gaming ecosystem.

Premier Game Studios

The IGF plans to back top-tier game studios that are creating high-quality, engaging Web3 games that can compete with mainstream titles.

Web3 Infrastructure

Recognizing the importance of a strong underlying infrastructure, the IGF will also invest in companies developing the essential tools and technologies that power Web3 gaming.

The fund has already begun its investment journey, with a reported initial investment of $30 million secured from a group of well-respected venture capitalists and gaming industry figures. Some of the notable names include Alpha Wave Ventures, Merit Circle, and founders from both Immutable and Polygon Labs.

Why Web3 Gaming Matters

The increase in investment in the IGF reflects the growing confidence in the potential of Web3 gaming. Here is why this sector is attracting so much attention:

Market Opportunity

The traditional video game industry is massive, valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Web3 gaming presents a unique opportunity to tap into this established market while offering innovative features and experiences.

Player Ownership

A core tenet of Web3 gaming is player ownership. In Web3 games, players can own their in-game assets, such as characters, items, or virtual land, as NFTs. This allows players to profit from their in-game achievements and participate in a more dynamic gaming economy.

Community Focus

Web3 games are often built with a strong emphasis on community building. Blockchain technology facilitates the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), which allow players to have a say in the game’s development and governance.

Key Statistics on Web3 Gaming Investment

Statistic Description Value Source
Total Investment in Web3 Gaming (Since 2018) Approximate total investment in Web3 gaming projects $19 Billion Industry Research (cited in IGF press release)
Blockchain Gaming Investment in 2023 Investment in blockchain gaming projects in 2023 $1.7 Billion Industry Research (cited in IGF press release)
Number of Blockchain Games in Development on Immutable Number of Web3 games under development on the Immutable platform Over 270 Immutable press release

Future Outlook for Web3 Gaming

The launch of the IGF is a significant milestone for the Web3 gaming industry. With substantial funding and the combined expertise of industry leaders, the IGF can play a key role in accelerating the development and adoption of Web3 games. While there are challenges, the future of Web3 gaming appears bright. As technology matures and more high-quality games emerge, Web3 gaming can reshape the gaming landscape and redefine the relationship between players and the games they love.




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