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In light of the unprecedented criminal activity on campus, I wanted to reach out to each of you and let you know how we are addressing and mitigating this important issue. Earlier this morning, I produced a special video ( on this subject and I urge you to take the time to watch.

If need be, I have posted a transcript of the video, below. Please know that CSUSB is committed to keeping everyone across campus safe and sound.

Thank you.


Tomás D. Morales




Colleagues and Students,

Over the last two weeks, CSUSB has experienced an unprecedented number of crimes on campus.  This is incredibly disturbing, as this university has long been a model for campus safety, including being ranked amongst the safest campuses in California.  As you would imagine, a number of faculty, staff and students have contacted me with their concerns.

There is little doubt that these experiences are hurting the confidence in safety that we expect, and this is unacceptable.  Let me be clear – the safety of our campus community is our HIGHEST priority and I have instructed our leadership team accordingly.

University Police staffing has been more than doubled, 24 hours a day, in response to these incidents, including bringing in additional officers from other CSU campuses to supplement our force.  Expect to see a high level of police visibility for the foreseeable future. It’s important for everyone to also know that the suspect involved in the carjacking incident is now behind bars, awaiting trial.

I have personally called on our city and county leaders to significantly increase their police presence of the neighborhoods surrounding CSUSB.

To that end, each of us has responsibilities as well.  Our police force can only do their job effectively if the community is doing its part.  All of us must commit to being more vigilant while on campus and immediately reporting anything or anyone that appears out of place.  Pay closer attention to details that we often take for granted.  Put away cell phones, head phones and other devices that distract us when moving about the campus.

If possible, move around the campus with a group or at least one other person.  This is especially important during evenings and weekends, when the campus can be less populated. If need be, please contact University Police at the number on your screen (909-537-5165) for an escort and they will get to you as soon as possible. When in doubt, call University Police immediately.

If anyone has information on the most recent incidents on campus, I urge you to come forward and report it.  Every communication we receive will help to restore confidence in the safety of our campus.

We are a community! Let’s work together to ensure that CSUSB will always be a great environment to learn, work and live. Thank you!

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