Witness For Justice #845 - 21st Century Race Matters

Witness For Justice #845 - 21st Cen…

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Why Was This Ga. State Senator Posing With Terrorists at a Hate Rally?

On Saturday a Georgia state senator who represents the district that committed one of the most racist atrocities in American history gave a speech at an anti-Muslim hate rally. But don’t worry—from the pictures he snapped with right-wing militia groups, apparently he was just doing it for the ’gram.

The state senator is Michael Williams (no, not the guy from The Wire—although Michael K. Williams has ignored my suggestion that he officially change his name to “Omar From The Wire,” because there are some people so “black famous” that their real names don’t count anymore. BernNadette Stanis gave up all rights and privileges when she appeared in an iconic TV show. Now she’s forever “Thelma From Good Times.” Plus, “Omar From The Wire” is probably the greatest ... wait. What were we talking about again? Oh, the politician who showed up at the hate march!).

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sen. Williams showed up at one of the more than two dozen “March Against Sharia” events scheduled for Saturday to speak to the white people whose IQs are so low, they have fallen victim to the mythical “Muslims are coming to kill you” fairy tale.

The man who applauded the actions of the 9/11 hijackers has teamed up with white supremacist…

After speaking to the group, Williams posed for pictures with members of the Georgia Security Force III Militia, because—according to Williams’ spokesperson—they appeared to be “pro-gun supporters.”

It is hard to deny that the “threepers” are pro-gun, especially since the group was heavily armed with automatic weapons (is that a missile launcher on the ground?). Apparently, the militia thought there was a dire need for security at a peaceful protest of about 40-50 people. (Because there are always fewer people at a white supremacist march than you’d think. We all want to believe that it’s because hate isn’t as prevalent, but it’s probably because even racists have better shit to do than to wear those hot Klansmen hoods and Nazi uniforms on a beautiful, 85-degree Saturday. Have you ever tried waving one of those giant Confederate flags? They’re heavy as f--k.)

When hate-group watchdog the Southern Poverty Law Center tweeted out a picture showing Williams posing with militia members flashing the gang sign for the III%, his spokesman, Seth Weathers—whose name made it to the championship round of the “whitest names ever” competition in 1998—responded: “We don’t know about the supposed symbolism, only that a bunch of liberal hate groups were online tweeting about it. This is the stupidest thing in the world—that we are debating whether grown men were supposedly holding their fingers the wrong way during a photo.”

Of course it’s stupid, Seth.

It’s stupid for a duly elected representative to speak about Shariah law and then snap pics with militia groups when—according to the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security, “Law enforcement agencies in the United States consider anti-government violent extremists, not radicalized Muslims, to be the most severe threat of political violence that they face.”

Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS

Since 2002, right-wing militants have killed more people in the United States than jihadis have.

It’s stupid to rail against the impending threat of Shariah when there has never been an incident of a municipality, county or state advocating that Shariah be made the law of the land. It’s like holding a march against dragons, unicorns and white people clapping on the beat.

It’s stupid for a state senator to commune with anti-government armed gangs who have staged multiple shootouts with law-enforcement agencies.

It’s stupid for anyone to listen to the political and religious philosophies of a hack senator who bought himself a political seat by giving white people cheap haircuts in strip malls and Walmart plazas. (Williams financed his own campaign by—and I’m not making this up—selling his chain of Sports Clips franchises.)

None of this stupidity matters because this incident won’t harm Williams. Williams won his last election by more than 30 percentage points. He represents Georgia’s 27th District, the majority of which is in Forsyth County, one of the whitest places in the country. The county is 85 percent white and is one of the few places in America where black people aren’t the second- or third-place minority. Blacks make up less than 3 percent of Forsyth County’s population.

This is because, in 1912, after two white women were raped, a Forsyth County mob lynched three men, including two teenagers, in public executions and then drove the entire black population out of the county in a “racial cleansing.”

In 1912, news of a violent sexual assault enraged the residents of Georgia's Forsyth County…

But there is good news out of all of this: Williams might not be a state senator for long—because the pro-Donald Trump politician thinks that this political climate is the perfect time to take the next step in his career: Williams is running for governor of Georgia.

So, yeah, the idea that a Georgia lawmaker is cool with a gang who have promised to take the law into their own hands at a rally aimed at hyping up something that never happened isn’t really stupid ...

It’s scary as f---k..

“A man got to have a code.” —Omar Little, The Wire


Black Women Leaders Demand Representation in the DNC

Investing in Black women's political leadership is a solid return on investment,” the women said in a letter to Democratic Party Chair Tom Perez.

More than 20 Black female elected officials, activists and community leaders came together in solidarity to voice their concern that Black women are being overlooked in regard to leadership within the Democratic Party.

The women, including State Sen. Holly Mitchell (D-Calif.); Tamika Mallory, Women’s March co-chair; and Star Jones, attorney, women’s advocate and television personality, wrote an open letter to Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez to demand greater representation.

“Black women have consistently shown up for Democrats as a loyal voting bloc, demonstrating time and again that we are crucial to the protection of progressive policies such as economic security, affordable healthcare and criminal justice reform,” the letter, published Wednesday on NBCBLK, stated.

“We have voted and organized our communities with little support or investment from the Democratic Party for voter mobilization efforts.

“We have shown how Black women lead, yet the Party’s leadership from Washington to the state parties have few or no Black women in leadership. More and more, Black women are running for office and winning elections — with scant support from Democratic Party infrastructure.”

Black women are “often called the most reliable progressive voting bloc,” according to The Nation.

In 2008 and 2012, “70 percent of eligible Black women cast ballots, accounting for the highest voter turnout of any racial or gender group, proving that our voting power can and has determined elections,” the women stated. “A closer look at the data shows that in 2012 Barack Obama won re-election by 4.9 million votes.”

In November’s presidential election, 94 percent of Black women voted for Hillary Clinton in support of the progressive movement.

“There’s been no constituency more loyal to the Democratic Party than Black women voters,” Dr. Adolphus Belk Jr., a professor of political science and director of the African American Studies Program at Winthrop University in South Carolina, said in an interview.

During an interview with DiversityInc in 2015 to commemorate 60 years since activist Rosa Parks was arrested for resisting bus segregation, Belk said Black women were the backbone of the civil rights movement.

He also described a parallel between the actions of Black women activists of the civil rights movement and the modern-day Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, as women created the BLM hashtag and are providing leadership across states.

“The greatest parallel that I see is that [the BLM creators] came together and helped to bring attention to the issue that’s been going on across the states, across jurisdictions, for quite some time now,” he said.

In the letter to Perez, the women stated, “Like civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, who testified at the 1964 Democratic convention demanding Blacks have a seat and voice within the Party, we are ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired.'”

They also point out that the increase in overall diversity within the DNC officer ranks didn’t include Black women:

“This February, in the DNC elections, we saw an increase in overall diversity within the officer ranks, but no increase in leadership representation of Black women. Since taking office, you have met with and listened to key constituencies. But you have yet to host a Black women leaders convening.”

The letter requests that Perez have a meeting with Black women leaders. (Read the complete letter)

Signers of the letter also include Reps. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.) and Yvette Clarke (D-Calif.). Watson and Clarke, along with Rep. Robin Kelly (D-Ill.), formed The Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls in 2016.

The Caucus is now composed of more than 20 lawmakers. It is the first-ever caucus dedicated to removing barriers and disparities experienced by Black women.

The caucus will prioritize the needs of Black women and girls in policy making.

Coleman stated last year that the caucus will “speak up” for Black women, who deserve a voice in policy making that addresses systemic challenges.

“From barriers in education, to a gender-based pay gap that widens with race, to disparities in both diagnoses and outcomes for many diseases, our society forces Black women to clear many hurdles faced by no other group, and asks them to do it with little assistance,” she said.

Last month the Caucus announced that, by the end of the year, it would release a report with a list of solutions to missing Black women and girls across the country.


Trump Administration Kills Michelle Obama’s ‘Let Girls Learn’ Program

Publishers Corner, Clifton Harris, Publisher of The San Bernardino AMERICAN News, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unlike Melania Trump, Michelle Obama really did stuff as the first lady. She pushed an initiative promoting fitness and healthy eating for kids called “Let’s Move!” She also started the Reach Higher Initiative, which encouraged students to continue their education beyond high school.

In 2015, President Barack Obama and the first lady launched Let Girls Learn, a federal-government initiative to help girls in developing countries around the world go to school and stay in school. It was not only an attempt to help girls whose educational needs might be overlooked, but also an opportunity to empower those young women.

Well, the evil king has seen enough, and this raggedy-ass administration is doing away with Let Girls Learn because it is demented and vile. CNN reports that the program will cease operation immediately, according to an internal document that was sent to Peace Corps employees.

“Moving forward, we will not continue to use the ‘Let Girls Learn’ brand or maintain a stand-alone program,” the email sent to Peace Corps employees this week by the agency’s acting director, Sheila Crowley, read. Let Girls Learn was an intergovernmental initiative run by the Peace Corps and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

“‘Let Girls Learn’ provided a platform to showcase Peace Corps’ strength in community development, shining a bright light on the work of our Volunteers all over the world,” Crowley wrote. “We are so proud of what ‘Let Girls Learn’ accomplished and we have all of you to thank for this success.”

A spokesman for the Peace Corps told CNN on Monday that the agency would continue its efforts to promote girls’ education.

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