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Young Male Teen Becomes Mentor, Thanks To Children’s Plus Foster Family Agency Featured

Young Male Teen Becomes Mentor Young Male Teen Becomes Mentor

Daniel, age 18 has been in foster placement with Children’s Plus Foster Family Agency since June 17, 2011. Daniel was placed in the foster home of Richard Reams in Victorville. Mr. Reams has been a foster parent for over 15 years. The

Reams home accepts placements of teen boys only. His foster home is greatly needed and he is an exceptional foster parent and example for teenage boys. Daniel has been supported by Mr. Reams throughout his 2 years in the home. Daniel is an A-B student and was on the Dean’s Honor Roll at Victor Valley High School. Mr. Reams stated that Daniel has always been very smart, independent, and mature for his age. Daniel has a good relationship with his foster father, Mr. Reams it is filled with honesty and trust.

Daniel was a member of the ROTC program at his school. He has been part of the ROTC for the past four years and had the position of being number one in charge of the unit. Daniel was also Captain of his Swim Team. Daniel is a young man that set goals and achieved them; he was a mentor and stellar example for the other young male teens in the Reams household.

Daniel is looking forward to graduating and his plans are to enlist in the military. Daniel graduated from Victor Valley High School on June 6, 2013. Daniel signed his military contract and Mr. Reams received the good news from Daniel that he had enlisted in the Army. Daniel will enter the military as an E3 Private First Class due to his four years in the ROTC. His goal in the Army is to become an Army Medic and a Ranger in the Special Forces. He left in July to start his military training in Georgia for 95 days. Daniel will certainly be successful in his military career he has chosen in the Army.

Mrs. Lola Wright, CEO of W & W Community Development would like to thank Mr. Richard Reams for all of his hard work and support of this young man throughout his years with him. All of the staff at Children’s Plus Foster Family Agency wishes him much success in his endeavors and we know Daniel has a rewarding future ahead of him


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