$20 Million lawsuit against San Bernardino County results in Computer with 30-GB of Alleged Child Porn being Returned to its Owner INTACT

Samuel Clauder

A $20 million lawsuit in a Los Angeles Federal Court against the County of San Bernardino has resulted in an unprecedented ruling to return a computer without any files being erased, including 30-GB of images, some of which the County Sheriff contends are child pornography. After a 3½-year felony criminal prosecution, the plaintiff in the…

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The Honorable Willie Brown, Jr Attends NAACP Annual Freedom Fund Dinner & Awards Celebration as Guest Speaker

Willie Brown, Marta Macias Brown, widow of the late George Brown, who represented the San Bernardino area in Congress, and Gloria Macias Harrison. Pete Aguilar, Candidate for election, 31st Congressional District, Cheryl Brown, Assembly Member, Willie Brown. Cheryl Brown, Bonnie Sheree Johnson, Willie Brown, Frances Grice. Alice Huffman, President, California NAACP. Danny Tillman Deborah Robertson…

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