Healthcare: Who Win’s? Who Loses

Healthcare: Who Win’s? Who Loses

Democratic political comm...

Muslim Teen Assaulted Outside Mosque Found Murdered

Muslim Teen Assaulted Outside Mosqu…

  Authorities believe th...

Adelanto gang member convicted of 2009 double murder sentenced to death

Adelanto gang member convicted of 2…


Recovered  Crack Addict, Tonier Cain,  Hopes Drug Treatment Success Stories Stop  Senators From Making Drug Epidemic Worse

Recovered Crack Addict, Tonier Cai…

  Annapolis, MD - During...

Witness For Justice #846 - Rectifying injustice as we fight injustice

Witness For Justice #846 - Rectifyi…

  Faith and pride aren't...

“You Still Wet Behind the Ears…”

“You Still Wet Behind the Ears…”

  Yet you think you know...

Ray Charles’ Daughter Sheila Raye Charles Succumbs to Breast Cancer

Ray Charles’ Daughter Sheila Raye C…

  Sheila Raye was recogn...

Black Billionaire Shares Secret To Success With Young Black Men

Black Billionaire Shares Secret To …

  Denver native Robert S...

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Summons/Divorce, etc. 4 $275

Order to Show Cause 4 $125

Name Change 4 $125

Name Change (each additional name) 4 $5

Notice To Creditors 3 $250

ABC License 1 1 $60

ABC License 2 3 $100

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The San Bernardino AMERICAN News is a newspaper of general circulation printed and published Thursday for the County of San Bernardino which has been adjudged by the Superior Court of the County of San Bernardino, State of California, on the date September 30, 1971, Case No. SCV 153913

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