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Metropolitan Water District Ad
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Deadline is Monday by 5 pm. Email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax: (909) 889-2882

Type of Notice Number of consecutive weeks Rate Rate (Paypal)
Court Filing Fee: --- $25
*Notice Inviting Bids --- $19.82 pci
Choose # Columns
*Public Notice 1 $29.08 pci
Choose # Columns
FBN Business Name/Abandonments 4 $45
FBN (additional business/registrants) 4 $8

Petitions/Probates 3/4 $275
Amendments 4 $55
Summons/Divorce, etc. 4 $275
Order to Show Cause 4 $125
Name Change 4 $125
Name Change (each additional name) 4 $5
Notice To Creditors 3 $250
ABC License 1 1 $60
ABC License 2 3 $100
Trustee Sales (Notice of Default) 3 $500  


The San Bernardino AMERICAN News is a newspaper of general circulation printed and published Thursday for the County of San Bernardino which has been adjudged by the Superior Court of the County of San Bernardino, State of California, on the date September 30, 1971, Case No. SCV 153913
#Terms of Payment
Payment is due on receipt. All billing payments must be set up prior to publication of legal advertising.
All fees are due prior to publication. All major credit cards accepted

Note, if your Paypal transaction or credit card is disuptred after publication you are still responsible to pay.