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The Attack of the Zombie Viruses

“People are preparing for a Zombie Apocolypse,” warned Kevin R. Smith, PC and Mac computer anti-virus reviews expert in the states, “but what they don’t realize is it is already here, with the new wave of computer viruses.” It is said that these computer viruses constantly look for new “victims” to infect and distribute the…

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Who Remembers Earl Buie?

By all accounts, Earl Buie was a newspaperman’s newspaperman, and his unique writing and editorial styles were ingrained in the pages of The Sun for nearly 50 years. He was born in Whitlock, Tennessee, on Jan. 21, 1897, Buie moved to San Bernardino with his family in 1910. Earl Buie began his writing career in…

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2015 High Desert Mavericks Season in Review

High Desert Mavericks News Release Phone: 760.246.6287 Twitter: @hdmavs November 2, 2015 2015 HIGH DESERT MAVERICKS SEASON IN REVIEW Inaugural Year as Texas Rangers Affiliate Brings Life to Team On Field ADELANTO, Calif. — The High Desert Mavericks first season as the Advanced-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers brought rejuvenation to the long-stood…

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